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SSP Class of 2022 Achieves Remarkable Distinctions


In the South African education system, a “distinction” refers to an exceptional level of achievement in a specific subject or subjects. It’s a recognition of a student’s outstanding performance in their examinations. Specifically, achieving a distinction typically means that a student has attained a high mark (usually 80% or above) in a subject.

In the context of high school education, receiving distinctions is a notable accomplishment and is often used as a criterion for university admission and scholarship opportunities. Students who consistently achieve distinctions demonstrate a strong grasp of the subject matter and a dedication to their studies. It’s a way of acknowledging and rewarding academic excellence.

In a resounding display of academic prowess, the SSP Class of 2022 has left an indelible mark with a total of 120 distinctions. This cohort of exceptional scholars has truly outdone themselves, exemplifying dedication, diligence, and a thirst for knowledge.

The collective achievements of the Class of 2022 are astounding, with each scholar achieving an average of 2.79 distinctions. This statistic isn’t just a number; it reflects the depth of their commitment to learning and the extent to which they’ve embraced the pursuit of excellence.

Among these remarkable distinctions, 5 scholars achieved an outstanding 87%, showcasing their exceptional understanding of their subjects. 9 scholars soared to an impressive 89%, setting a standard of excellence for others to follow. Additionally, 5 scholars secured a commendable 85%, further illustrating the diverse range of talents within the cohort.

The Class of 2022’s performance is a testament to their determination, resilience, and limitless potential. These distinctions represent the hours spent poring over textbooks, the intellectual curiosity that drove them, and the unwavering support of their educators and families.

As a whole, the SSP scholars of 2022 have achieved an outstanding level of excellence that reverberates throughout their educational journey. Their successes don’t just belong to them; they belong to the community that nurtured them, to the mentors who guided them, and to the supporters who believed in their potential.