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Developing Future Leaders

We develop South Africa’s future leaders by identifying potential early and nurturing it holistically.  We enable academically distinguished, low-income learners to flourish at South Africa’s top secondary schools.

Student sponsorship program south africa

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Our Programs

In addition to school tuition fees and supplies, we provide mentoring for students, resources for families, and academic support.

About Us

We provide financial support to disadvantaged students in South Africa whose prospects of graduating from a top high school would otherwise be poor.

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Through this work, we also endeavor to raise awareness in the United States of South Africa’s inequitable access to quality education.

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Founded over a decade ago, the Student Sponsorship Program of South Africa is committed to the development of South Africa’s next generation of leaders.

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Your generosity makes our work possible.

Our motto

Hope is everything

Every person whose life is improved, stems from an act of generosity that’s purely voluntary. That’s why donating is so extraordinary when you do it.


  • A five-year full tuition scholarship
  • An annual stipend to cover costs of uniforms and books
  • Personal and leadership development, as well as mentorship for students and parents

Sponsors REceive

  • Semi-annual reports from SSP
  • Academic reports on your Scholar
  • Letter from your Scholar
  • Progress reports and feedback
  • Regular e-newsletters from SSP
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how you can help

Make a donation

Sponsorship is a five-year commitment to a single Scholar. The annual cost of sponsoring a Scholar is $5,000.

Start A Fund

Contribute towards a Scholar's education over five years and we will match your partial contribution with another sponsor.

Join our Efforts

In South Africa, please contact the Student Sponsorship Programme. A registered Section 18a organization.

Every donation has an impact!

Sponsorship is a rewarding relationship with an individual student that costs $5,000 per year for five years.

  • $50 allows a student to participate in field trips for one year
  • $100 pays for a student’s school supplies for one year
  • $200 pays for a student’s books for one year
  • $500 pays for a student’s uniforms and academic support activities
  • $1,000 funds tuition for one term
SSP Scholars consistently outperform their peers at both high school and university undergraduate levels
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