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Cultivating Real-World Skills Through Mentorship and Career Development

At SSP, we believe that practical exposure is invaluable for our scholars’ overall development. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive mentorship program where each scholar is paired with an established business owner or entrepreneur. To ensure the success of this mentor-mentee relationship, SSP provides specialized training to mentors and actively engages with the scholars’ families.

Safeguarding Our Scholars

In compliance with Child Protection Laws, we take the safety of our scholars seriously. All mentors undergo rigorous verification and assessment processes, including police clearances and other checks conducted by SSP, to ensure a safe and nurturing environment.

Tailored Activity Areas for Career Development

  1. Shadowing an SME Business Owner: Scholars have the opportunity to gain firsthand experience by shadowing small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) business owners. This immersion into the business world provides valuable insights into daily operations, management styles, and entrepreneurial challenges.
  2. Early Entrepreneurship Exposure: We introduce scholars to the entrepreneurial landscape from an early stage, encouraging them to identify opportunities, solve problems, and think creatively. This early exposure lays the foundation for developing a robust entrepreneurial mindset.
  3. Business Coaching from Grade 10: Starting in Grade 10, scholars receive personalized business coaching from experienced professionals. These sessions focus on developing essential skills like strategic planning, negotiation, and leadership, which are vital for future career success.

Through these multifaceted initiatives, we aim to establish a solid networking and career development pathway for our scholars. Our program doesn’t just offer a quality education; it offers a transformative experience that equips young minds with the tools they need to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.