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Celebrating Ish Nkolo: From SSP Scholar to Finance Visionary

Ish Nkolo

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Ish Nkolo, an exceptional alumnus from the SSP Class of 2011, who has not only climbed the career ladder but has also kept SSP close to his heart.

A Grateful Alumnus

Ish graciously acknowledges the transformative role SSP has played in his life, saying, “SSP is a large part of my life. To this day I still brag about being an SSP scholar.” His heartfelt thanks extend to the SSP team, his mentor, and our valued donors.

Taking Finance to New Heights

Ish’s career trajectory has been nothing short of extraordinary. He is an Investment Banking Transactor at Absa Group, specializing with the African Leverage Finance Team. In his current role, he focuses on the financial markets of Zambia and Tanzania, contributing to the vibrant economic fabric of the continent.

More Than Just a Scholarship

For Ish, SSP is not just a scholarship program; it’s a family and a powerful brand. He boldly claims, “When people tell me about being a bursary student, I always tell them there is no bursary or scholarship program like SSP.”

Making a Difference

Ish strongly believes in SSP’s power to change cultures, environments, and societies. “SSP really changes our culture, our environment, and our society,” he says, pointing to the broad impact that SSP has on various aspects of life.

An Invitation to Connect

Eager to continue fostering connections, Ish encourages anyone wanting to make a meaningful impact to get involved with SSP. “I encourage anybody who wants to do something great to connect with SSP, whether it is by sponsoring, mentoring, or just being part of the family,” he says.

Why Ish Matters to SSP

Ish represents the ideal SSP scholar: not just academically gifted but also deeply committed to the broader community. His successful career in finance is testament to the high-caliber professionals SSP aims to nurture, and his continued association and advocacy for SSP symbolize the enduring relationships we aim to build.

Join us in celebrating Ish Nkolo—a compelling story of what happens when potential meets opportunity. Get involved with SSP today and be part of the transformational journey that shapes promising students into impactful leaders.