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Announcing Arthur Nkuna: From SSP Scholar to Chairman of the Arts & Culture Trust

Aarthur Nkuna

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight on another remarkable member of our alumni family—Arthur Nkuna, SSP Class of 2004. Arthur’s journey has taken him from the halls of our Student Sponsorship Programme to the influential seat of Chairman at the Arts & Culture Trust (ACT).

A New Era for ACT

On March 30, 2023, ACT proudly announced Arthur Nkuna as the new Chairperson of its Board of Trustees. Arthur steps in, succeeding David Dennis, and brings a wealth of expertise and passion to this new chapter in ACT’s journey. Already an integral part of ACT’s Management Committee and Financial Management, Risk and Audit Committee, Arthur is well-prepared for this significant role.

Bridging Creativity and Commerce

A talent specialist based in Johannesburg, Arthur has been a major player in fostering entrepreneurship in the creative sector. Arthur’s extensive experience is not only technical but also reflects his lifelong commitment to building sustainable connections between the arts and the business world. “Improving business knowledge is key to the sustainable future of creatives in South Africa,” says Arthur, emphasizing the ACT’s mission to make the arts sector more economically viable.

Welcoming Words from ACT

Jessica Denyschen, CEO of ACT, warmly welcomed Arthur: “We are delighted to have him at the helm and look forward to reaching new heights under his leadership.”

A Personal Note from Arthur Nkuna

Arthur shares his enthusiasm for his new role, stating, “I am truly honored by this appointment and the support provided by the ACT Board of Trustees. I look forward to executing our long-term strategic goals, growing the organization from strength to strength.”

Beyond the Boardroom: Mentorship at SSP

Arthur’s legacy isn’t confined to the professional world; he’s also been a dedicated mentor at SSP since January 2018. Through SSP, he offers guidance, shares knowledge, and inspires the next generation of South African leaders.

The Ripple Effect of SSP

Arthur Nkuna epitomizes the essence of what SSP aims to achieve: enabling bright young minds to flourish and make meaningful contributions to society. His leadership at ACT is another milestone in a journey that began with an SSP scholarship, a testament to the transformative impact of our program.

Join us in congratulating Arthur Nkuna and countless other SSP alumni who are shaping the future in myriad ways. Your support of SSP is more than a charitable act; it’s an investment in leaders who will redefine tomorrow. Get involved today.